4,380 Nights
Signature Theatre kicks off the Heidi Thomas Writers’ Initiative with a complex and intriguing look at an American worldview created in the wake...
Prices: $40 - $103

45 Plays for 45 Presidents
While Assassins manages to exterminate Presidents while maintaining an air of dignity around the office-holders themselves, 45 Plays is a gloves-off a...
Prices: $35 - $60

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Alexander is having a bad day. A terrible day. A horrible day. To be quite honest, it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. But then, eve...
Prices: $20 - $20

All She Must Possess
The Baltimore Cone sisters, Dr. Claribel and Miss Etta, daughters of German-Jewish immigrants, could have lived tranquil, appropriate lives as respect...
Prices: $10 - $40

All The Things You Are: Jerome Kern
Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and you gotta hear your favorite Kern tunes. Come to our cabaret of his stage & screen hits from Jerome Kern'...
Prices: $20 - $40

Ray leaves his job as a classically trained French chef to take care of his dying father, a Korean immigrant, who never appreciated Ray's culinary...
Prices: $49 - $74

Becoming Dr. Ruth
She's America's favorite sex therapist! But before she became Dr. Ruth, Karola Siegel had to flee Germany in the Kindertransport, become a sni...
Prices: $30 - $65

Beech Tree Puppets: Hollow Stump
Adapted from the popular tale The Mitten, The Hollow Stump celebrates community, as the animals learn to share one space. Seven very differe...
Prices: $0 - $0

Black Diamond
Score a home run with a spirit-rousing musical play about the “other” major league! This updated hit from nationally recognized arts leade...
Prices: $6 - $8

"Let me have war, say I: it exceeds peace as far as day does night." Performed in repertory with The Trojan Women Project, Will...
Prices: $20 - $20

Digging Up Dessa
Dessa is a 21st-century girl with no shortage of struggles, secrets, and mysteries to solve. From dinosaur bones to hidden memories, the world is fill...
Prices: $20 - $20

Everything is Illuminated
Based on the best-selling novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, this stunning and often hilarious stage adaptation tells the story of a young man--also named...
Prices: $39 - $69

It’s winter in Minnesota, and an immigrant Zimbabwean family is preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter. But when the bride insi...
Prices: $41 - $51

Don't miss the world premiere of Guilt, an opera without music. This exciting play tells the powerful story of a philandering priest named Grandie...
Prices: $15 - $45

In the wake of his father’s abrupt death, Hamlet returns home from university to find his personal and political world changed as he never imagi...
Prices: $44 - $118

Round House is thrilled to present the American premiere of this Olivier Award-winning, West End hit comedy! The Iron Lady. The Queen. Born six months...
Prices: $36 - $65

Hobson's Choice
In this hilarious comedy of turn-of-the-century Lancashire manners, curmudgeonly cobbler Henry Hobson (Andy White) faces the ultimate choice: take a l...
Prices: $15 - $30

How Old is a Hero?
Everyone can make a difference! This Discovery Theater original play infused with archival music of the Civil Rights era celebrates three young people...
Prices: $6 - $8

Shakespeare's Cymbeline re-imagined. Pointless explores what happens when Princess Imogen's fairy tale narrative doesn't go a...
Prices: $15 - $30

It's The Rest Of The World That Looks So Small: A Theatrical Revue of Jonathan Coulton
Popular singer/songwriter and cult classic Jonathan Coulton is known for his clever, engaging, and humorous songs that capture slice-of-life moments i...
Prices: $20 - $30

Jefferson's Garden
Playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker explores the contradictions between our Founding Fathers’ ideals and the realities of freedom in America. Chri...
Prices: $17 - $58

La Foto (A Selfie Affair)
World Premiere! Two families are changed forever when a selfie is sent to one person but shared by another. In this highly technological world it i...
Prices: $25 - $55

Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill
Helen Hayes Award Winning Actress, Iyona Blake (Caroline or Change) returns to the cauldron to portray one of America’s most iconic jazz legends...
Prices: $15 - $30

Lift Every Voice with LEA
Let’s all sing of freedom! In this special participatory concert of music old and new, acclaimed local singer-songwriter LEA shares the joy, war...
Prices: $6 - $8

Light Years
Acclaimed folk/rock/indie band Eddie From Ohio’s Robbie Schaefer crafts a touching and funny world premiere musical portrait featuring Bobby Smi...
Prices: $40 - $103

Meeting Mr. Lincoln
What would you say if you got to meet one of the greatest presidents of all time? While on an errand for seamstress Elizabeth Keckley, young Eliza fin...
Prices: $6 - $8

No Word In Guyanese For Me (Women's Voices Theatre Festival)
A gay Muslim's journey to reconcile her faith and her sexuality.   Winner of the GLAAD Award, No Word in Guyanese for Me is a poetic, l...
Prices: $35 - $35

Noura challenges our notions of modern marriage and motherhood through a portrait of Iraqi immigrants living in New York.  As Noura and her ...
Prices: $44 - $118

On Your Feet!
From their humble beginnings in Cuba, Emilio and Gloria Estefan came to America and broke through all barriers to become a crossover sensation at the ...
Prices: $59 - $149

Peepshow takes-back objectification and sexism, widens the feminist frame, and kicks the patriarchy where it counts. Over the span of Peepshow’s...
Prices: $20 - $40

Queens Girl in Africa
Mosaic’s first commission brings the world premiere sequel to Caleen Sinnette Jennings’ “sweet-spirited solo show” which the N...
Prices: $20 - $65

Rabbit Summer
Rabbit Summer, a tragicomedy, examines the fracture point of a friendship and a marriage. There’s Ruby and her husband Wilson, who idealizes his...
Prices: $15 - $25

See Rock City
The Washington Stage Guild offers a warm and touching tale of young love with the Washington area premiere of See Rock City by Arlene Hutton. It is th...
Prices: $20 - $60

Shear Madness
A comedy whodunit that lets the audience solve the crime! Set in present-day Georgetown, Shear Madness engages locals and visitors alike as armchair d...
Prices: $10 - $50

Something Rotten!
With 10 Tony® nominations including Best Musical, SOMETHING ROTTEN! is a “big, fat hit!” (New York Post). Set in the ‘...
Prices: $48 - $108

Some wounds refuse to heal. Mary Kathryn Nagle’s daring new work, which debuts as the fourth production in Arena Stage’s Power Plays initi...
Prices: $55 - $90

Tales of Beatrix Potter
Christopher Hudert stars as Applause Unlimited presents three of Potter's favorites, "Two Bad Mice," "Jemima Puddle Duck," a...
Prices: $5 - $12

A farce from the 17th century, Tartuffe, in this translation by Richard Wilbur, employs witty rhyming couplets and classic characters i...
Prices: $12 - $25

The Farnsworth Invention
It's 1929. Two ambitious visionaries race against each other to invent a device called "television." Separated by two thousand miles, ea...
Prices: $15 - $33

The Great Society
Robert Schenkkan’s Tony Award-winning play All the Way set the stage for President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s sudden ascent to the ...
Prices: $60 - $120

The Humans
Stephen Karam’s uproarious, hopeful, and heartbreaking play takes place over the course of a family dinner on Thanksgiving. As darkness falls an...
Prices: $49 - $139

The Lathe of Heaven (Spooky Action Run)
A classic tale of speculative fiction. Blessed – or cursed – with dreams that actually alter reality, George Orr comes under the hand of a...
Prices: $20 - $40

The Princess & The Pauper—A Bollywood Tale
Set in long ago India, this Bollywood-inspired adaptation of the classic Mark Twain novel shows how the common people work long hours to support the l...
Prices: $10 - $35

The Raid
Would you die for your beliefs? Is it better to work within the system to change it or take up arms against the system to destroy it? Idris Goodwin...
Prices: $20 - $40

The Skin of Our Teeth
The Eternal Family is made up of George and Maggie Antrobus (married only 5,000 years), their two children Gladys and Henry (perfect in every way), an...
Prices: $25 - $55

The Trial
Picture this: A 30-year-old man going about his day, when suddenly without cause or warning, he is arrested while at work. Two unidentified agents fro...
Prices: $10 - $60

The Trojan Women Project
"Get up." Performed as part of the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival, The Trojan Women Project will explore the timele...
Prices: $15 - $20

The Veils
Mel is happily engaged. She’s also an active Marine Corp translator. While on deployment, Mel’s father passes away, with her mother and si...
Prices: $10 - $30

The Way of the World
A Comedy of Manners…With No Manners at All Mae is a selfless, sweet-natured woman with just a little baggage—a $600 million inheritanc...
Prices: $30 - $79

The Wolves
Winter indoor soccer. Saturdays. Over quad stretches and squats, a team of young women prepares to defend the Wolves’ undefeated record...
Prices: $20 - $69

This Is All Just Temporary
Lauren, a recent college grad, moves back in with her parents while she looks for a job. However the behavioral aggression of Noah, Lauren’...
Prices: $10 - $18

Tot Rock: Percussion Party with Uncle Devin
Are you ready to make some noise and learn some beats? Early math and numbers add up to plenty of fun when everybody’s favorite musical uncle re...
Prices: $6 - $8

Travis Wall’s SHAPING SOUND After the Curtain
Conceived & choreographed by and starring two-time Emmy winner Travis Wall. Featuring “So You Think You Can Dance” winner Lex Ishimoto...
Prices: $45 - $80

Unnecessary Farce
Two cops. Three crooks. Eight doors. Go. In a cheap motel room, an embezzling mayor is supposed to meet with his female accountant, while in the room ...
Prices: $35 - $45

Young Frankenstein
IT’S ALIVE!  This electrifying adaptation of Mel Brooks’ monstrously funny film will leave you in stitches. The musical re-imagining ...
Prices: $46 - $64

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